Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ko Olina Resort

Here are some pictures of the Marriott Vacation Club where we stayed.

They have the most amazing beach - perfect for little kids like ours. No waves and a gentle sloping sandy bottom.
They rented this incredible hammock that we enjoyed a few days.
Perfect for kids and adults alike (it had cup holders).

Grandma and Grandpa Weiss walking out to join the fun.

Looking North from my beach chair...

The man-made lagoons had break-waters that protected our beach.

Here's a picture of our building looking from the beach.

Family fun in the pool.

Daddy, Dana, Blake, Aunt Katharine, Uncle Gregory and Cousin James.


Back at the beach:

Here are some pictures of our resort:

The 'great' lawn:

Looking down at the main pool from our balcony.

Looking towards the lagoon beach from our balcony.

Looking north from our balcony: You can see the other tower of our resort, and our lobby entrance with large pond and the great lawn. The next resort is Ko Olina Golf Club, then the new Disney Resort, the furthest is the JW Marriott. You can also see the next lagoon.

Behind our resort was the marina where the Pirate Ship, Queen Anne's Revenge was moored. This was the Black Pearl and the main boat used in the new Pirate's of the Caribbean movie! It was very intricate and cool... it had a large canvas wall around it on the dock, so you really couldn't get closer than this. It's probably here because this is where the movie was made (Oahu) and because of the new Disney resort soon to open!

I'm not a big Pirate's fan, but this was COOL!

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