Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall City Farms

This past weekend was a beautiful day to go to the Pumpkin Patch!
Fall City Farms is a wonderful place.

Dana got to pick out her own pumpkin.
By the time the sun came out it was pretty crowded!

Of course, it's impossible to get all 4 kids looking at a camera at the same time.
There was a very cool "maze" made of straw bales, just right for our little kiddos.

Fresh-squeezed apple cider in a cute pumpkin bottle!

Pretty darn crowded by mid-morning!
Dana found some resident goats to feed some grass to.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Pool

One of the best purchases this summer: A new pool from Costco.

A very cool feature: Sprinklers on each side.
Blake, in particular, was fascinated with the water fountains.

It also has this way-cool slide.
Happy baby. Two teeth!

We enjoyed inviting friends over to have some fun in the sun with us.

Good Boy

Bouncy House

Another favorite past time for the summer - the Bouncy House. The best Invention. Ever.
We are lucky enough to be close to two places that let kids and parents play, for a reasonable price, until the kids are passed out in the back seat of the car.
Wish they had these when I was a kid!

The place in Kent has this huge monstrosity... THE FORTRESS.
Dana, my little daredevil, LOVES it.
Lots of upper body strength and confidence help with this...

Baby you can drive my car

Blake and Dana are really enjoying each other's company lately. They can actually play together. One of their favorite activities is riding the car together. It cracked me up every time.
And then zoom around the house!