Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh. No.

So Blake started walking behind push toys this week... Dana is WAY more excited about it then we are. Blake is pretty delighted with himself.

I think he's going to be walking by himself very soon.... *sigh*

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's Day Dash

This past Sunday Allen and I ran the St. Patty's Day Dash in Seattle.
The weather was perfect!
Traffic, on the other hand was terrible.
We missed the official start of our heat... took us more than 30 minutes to exit the freeway and park. Luckily we got to start with the last group - and the timers were still functioning. Starting line by the PNW Ballet.
A live band with Bag pipes!
I'd say we ran a little more than half of it.
We had fun! We stopped and took pictures... yeah! Dianetics! ?!?!
We totally didn't notice this sign in the background until later...

The course went North on 99 - up the hill to the bridge to Canlis.
Then you turn around and run back... so here's a shot of those of us going up the hill and those coming back... LOTS of people. This mile uphill was a killer...
Coming back down the hill you could just see Mt. Rainier over the city. Gorgeous! We made it! The finish was right by the EMP. You had to walk down the 'finish shoot' into Seattle Center... where they had Top Pot Donuts! I KNOW, kinda made all the calories we just ran off a waste... but it was the best tasting donut I ever had...
In Seattle Center. Lots of people in lots of goofy costumes... notice the guys in the background in nothing but green briefs... Allen was so glad to be in a picture with them.
Yeah! The fountain was on!

We finished in 49 minutes... that's a 13 min. mile average. Pretty good for us!
We had fun and we'll do it again next year (weather pending).
We're on our way to Bloomsday!