Friday, August 22, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

This past weekend was the hottest yet at CB. In the triple digits all three days. The baby and I spent most of the daytime inside the new park model - with the AC. We had a great time with Uncle Jordan, Auntie Em and Cousin Alex.

We went boating on Saturday. It was so warm we actually swam in the Columbia river! Yes, Dana went swimming in the river too! She wore her life jacket and floated with the rest of us! After floating we just plopped her down in the middle of the boat on her towel with some toys and she was as happy as a clam!

It was a revival weekend all around - with wearing life jackets like 'diapers' and floating with a cold beverage in hand!

We ended the weekend by swimming in the pool again. Check Dana out - she was lounging in her floatie - you can see her toes in front of her under the yellow mesh - So cute!

Thanks Mom and John for a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekend at CB

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Cresent Bar with Joanna, Dave, Lucas, Mom and John. The weather was great - not too hot. We arrived on Friday, first for a change, only to find we had no shed keys! We managed though, with help from the neighbors to get in and move the boat. Saturday was perfect with boating and swimming in the pool. Both babies were super.
Sunday morning got interesting when the power went out - that means no water either. We ended up packing up early and headed home.

All in all, a fantastic weekend with friends and family. We're looking forward to returning soon - to a new park model! And Dave Mathews on Labor Day.