Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Time Snow

A few weeks ago we were blessed with some snow.
This was Dana's first time playing outside. (Yes, I've since ordered her some mittens.)
We built her first snowman.
She really liked him. We used grapes from the vines for eyes.
Dana made him a hat.

It was just too cold for Blake to go outside.
That, and I didn't have the right clothes for him yet.
He longingly looked out the window.
Soon, young man, soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

70 degrees in November

Today was just an amazing day.

Beautiful. Crisp. Warm.

These are the grape vines on our back deck.

It was a beautiful day to go to the park.
Les Grove Park in Auburn.

This is a fun park with lots of stuff to explore. Like musical instruments.

THIS is why we get the flu shot every winter.
It's a very modern park that is accessible to everyone.
There's no 'wrong' way to play with the equipment.
We played and then ate lunch.
Until we were all tuckered out.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was a busy day!
Trick-or-Treating: Dana was Nemo and Blake was a giraffe.
We also went to "Trick-or-Truck" at the Maple Valley Community center.
Blake didn't mind walking around in his costume... Dana really didn't want to wear Nemo.
They had a great assortment of trucks: a dump truck.
Blake driving a school bus.
Dana in the school bus.
Of course, a fire truck!
Mor Mor and Grandpa John joined us.

We started our day with the Halloween party at our church.
Dana making her treat bag.
Here's Dana playing the 'fishing' game.
It was so great that the whole party was planned and put on by our 4th & 5th grade students. They did an awesome job.
Daddy was a Rangers Fan. Scary.
On Saturday we enjoyed dinner with our good friends.
Dana found this inflatable toy and decided it worked best on her head.
Silly girl.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall City Farms

This past weekend was a beautiful day to go to the Pumpkin Patch!
Fall City Farms is a wonderful place.

Dana got to pick out her own pumpkin.
By the time the sun came out it was pretty crowded!

Of course, it's impossible to get all 4 kids looking at a camera at the same time.
There was a very cool "maze" made of straw bales, just right for our little kiddos.

Fresh-squeezed apple cider in a cute pumpkin bottle!

Pretty darn crowded by mid-morning!
Dana found some resident goats to feed some grass to.