Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad Blogger

Well, I suppose it goes without saying that we've been pretty busy around here lately.

So here's a re-cap of what we've been up to for the past two months.

We went to visit Grandpa Jerry at a car show.

Dana got to sit with him in his Ford. Grandpa can't wait to take her for a cruise. (After we're done with a car seat, Grandpa.)

The car show just happened to be at the Puyallup Fair grounds, so Dana got to go on her first ride with her Daddy.

A natural-born horseback rider. :)

We also took a family trip to CB with Dave, Joanna & Lucas.
A blast of a weekend. It was very hot. Here we are chilling in the shade of our car, eating popsicles.

Cooling off also involved some boating.

Dana got some new shades.

Blake turned two months old yesterday.
I'll post his stats when we get back from the doctor visit later this week.

He's a big boy - in size 3 month clothes already!

We also went to Carter and Chloe's first birthday party - they had a bouncy house.
Dana LOVED it!
Here she is with Carter.

We got to see Great Grandma too.

Here we are back at home, giving Blake some floor-time.
Dana brought a book over and wanted to 'read' it to him.

Such a good big sister!

Blake has also been practicing sitting in his Bumbo chair.

Dana was very upset...

She's pretty sure that's HER Bumbo!

'Cause she still fits in it!

She is growing up! Now her crib is a day-bed.

Can't believe summer is almost over.
Next weekend is Labor Day and DMB at the Gorge!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is amazing what Dana can find to play with in our kitchen.
Oven mitts:

Kitchen towels...

And to think, I used to refold all of those every time she did this...
Now I just cram them back in the drawer - what's the point?
I just keep telling myself, someday I will have nice, neat, folded towels again.
And of course, playing peak-a-boo under the table cloth.

Such a busy girl!