Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated Halloween at SVLC with some friends: Madelyn (from the book) and Mario (Luigi was helping with the chili cook off). I think Allen had the scariest costume -
a Cougar Fan.
Dana and her Daddy
On the 31st we met up with our best friends to go trick or treating! Here's Lucas the giraffe and Dana the Teddy Bear.We only made it to one house (Lucas' Grandparents).
Mmmm, candy!

On Saturday we visited some friends!Fellow Bloggers - Liliana and Talia

Then on Sunday we saw Dad, Kerry and the Thurik's brood!

Dana was very interested in her cousin, Chloe.
Dana, Nana Kerry and Cousin Chloe.Oh Grandpa Jerry!
Dana seems to like playing horsey with the dog...
Poor Maggie!