Monday, May 9, 2011

Update for Grandma and Grandpa

This past weekend we celebrated Mother's Day at Crescent Bar.

We did get some sunshine and warm enough temperatures to venture out to the beach. Nice preview for our up coming trip to Hawaii!
I will never get tired of this view.

Lunch outside!

Dana has really been into the princess thing lately...

The greater Seattle area has had record rain for the month of April. If we had 10 minutes of sunshine, we went outside... Digging in our flower beds is Blake and Dana's favorite way to get dirty.

Blake is so intense about his digging.

It's a good thing clothes and kids wash out.

Dana has been making some outstanding progress with her potty training.

She pretty much gets whatever she wants for a reward.

Ice cream in a cone was a big hit for both of them!

Dana's other favorite pass time is FINGER PAINTING.

Easter 2011

We had an Easter Egg hunt with Grandpa and Nana.

Here are Dana and Blake with their cousin Chloe.

They cannot wait to get out there and grab those eggs!

The Saturday before Easter was a special Birthday party for Liliana and Talia.

We got to go up to Everett and celebrate at a very cool Bouncy House!

Here a just a few pictures of our little dare-devil Blake.

He climbed the huge slide all by himself.

Here he gets a little extra help through the obstacle course.

After all that fun bouncing we had cake and ice cream!

Dana also got to help me dye Easter eggs for the first time.

She thought they were pretty-darn cool.

She didn't want to eat them though.

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